Voices and testimonies

“I found a lot of help here. I found the help to have someone with me helping me through the procedures I needed to do. If we don’t find a place to go, we come here, we eat : we come here for a couple of days if we have problems. We are very well here.”

Roxanne, 23 years old

“When people pass by, they don’t know that it’s an organization. It’s super confidential. I was a little bit scared at first because it’s an emergency housing place. As they told us on the phone, there is a diversity of women, a diversity of people… And yes it’s true there is a diversity of people! But I really appreciated the people that are working here, the women with whom I shared the house with, the ones I talked to. In general the energy is good.”

Rose, 22 Years old

“Even if I am not always here, the fact that a place like Passages exists is very reassuring. We create relationships, we take root… We don’t have our family with us. They’re like mother for us, they don’t judge us, and they feel by instinct what we need so we can find ourselves.” 

Isabelle, 30 years old