Social integration project

As part of our social integration component, Passages offers young women aged between 18 to 30 years old the opportunity to participate to art workshop and community involvement activities. As we know their difficult situations are often aggravated by financial issues and as we consider work as learning and expressing process, their participation in every workshop or activity are paid.

The main goal of these artistic activities is to learn that the process of creation is a mean of expression while learning different art techniques.

The workshop stimulates creativity and help structure thought through reflection and creative exercises.

Furthermore, since the art facilitators ensure a wide distribution of the resulting artistic work made in the workshop, the art help in raising awareness about female homelessness and highlight the potential of these young women.

Schedule & purpose

All workshops are held from September to April. Registrations are taken the day of the activity at 10am by calling Passages at 514-875-8119.

Every Thursday from 1PM to 4PM
Facilitator: Anissa
Purpose: Encourage the exploration of different expressive means, in 2D projects. Make sure the participant learns about different technics: drawing, painting, collage and others.

Every Tuesday from 1PM to 4PM
Facilitator: Michelle
Purpose: Initiate the young women to the reading of various theater pieces, bring them to theater shows and develop their sense of character creation, direction and the coordination of a show.

Every Monday from 1PM to 4PM
Facilitator: Laurence
Purpose: Offer women the chance to learn a few dance steps but also let them explore their natural movement and the way their body moves.

he young women are also invited to participate in different activities at Passages and in the community. They have things to say concerning a variety of subjects and political matters that affects them. Passages promotes their participation at civic discussion, meetings of elected officials, fundraisers, demonstrations, clean-up chores in the neighborhood so that they can exercise their citizenship.

To know if any community activities are organized soon, call 514-875-8119 or check out Passages’s Facebook page.