Mission and philosophy


Passages offers a welcoming house and a comfortable environment to young women in difficulties to contribute in improving their living, health and security conditions.

We also support them in any step or way that allows them to gain power over their lives. We promote and support their insertion and integration into society.

A global and inclusive approach

Global and inclusive
Passages’ approach has developed over the years. Our actions are inspired by the harm reduction and empowerment approach. The goal of our approach is to build a meaningful relationship with every young woman, our actions are guided by a welcoming and open minded reception with minimal conditions based on inclusion and non-judgmental support.

The needs and expressions of every woman at the center of our actions
Homelessness, precariousness, and violence, difficulties related to immigration, family problems, and consumption: we are of the opinion that the uniqueness of every Passagères’ journey requires listening, empathy and a help that suits their needs. Thus, our approach is to focus on the needs identified by the young women and the means at their disposal.


To achieve its mission and to pursue its vision, Passages makes the following values its own:

Respect has a strong influence on Passages’ culture. Beyond a listening and welcoming nonjudgmental attitude, to respect others means to consider and treat them with deference, consideration, esteem and dignity.

The openness to others, to differences and diversity is at the center of Passages’ engagement. The high acceptance welcoming and the everyday action of the organization is strongly oriented throughout more openness.

At Passages, equity manifests itself in the independence and objectivity of our interventions, in the impartiality of the decisions being made and with a constant concern of what is fair.

Passages makes sure that every person is included and integrated in their community and can take part of it in their own way.