Our regular team counts more than twenty women and men from a variety of backgrounds (sexology, social worker, intervention workers, …). The diversity of our team is essential to our organization.

Executive Director

Geneviève Hétu has been working in the field of intervention and advocacy for marginalized and precarious people for almost 20 years.

Staff member

Administration and services:

Shelter and housing project coordinator, Communication and mobilization coordinator, Office worker, Intervention worker

Support staff

Artist (for the workshop), Cook, Housekeeping


Passages is lucky to have a network of volunteers helping to fulfill its mission. Currently the volunteers support the organization in terms of house maintenance, food preparation and the running of errands. They also offer professional services to help the Passagères that need to fill in their tax return.

For more information or to enroll:

Contact Charlotte Biddle Bocan - 514-875-5807 extension 24, or by mail at

     Geneviève Hétu, 
Executive Director